Fillmore Place of West Alexandria
Alexandria, VA

By Craftmark Homes
5112 Fillmore Avenue, Alexandria, VA 22311
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About This Community

In 1837, Hachaliah Bailey packed up from New York and made the move to Northern Virginia, right around the corner from Fillmore Place. He brought with him North America's first exotic animals, ambition, a sense of adventure, and a unique flair for presentation. At Fillmore Place, we've created more than a new, luxurious community. We've crafted a life-changing story we invite you to partake in. This is your chance to discover a community that will take you on an adventure. Join something extraordinary and indulge in the remarkable lifestyle that awaits you at Fillmore Place. Deeply rooted in our location, we've embraced our city's evolving landscape and created a community that raises the bar for day-to-day living. Find your balance at Fillmore Place, and relax a world away from the rigors of everyday life. Let luxury ensconce you and a sense of renewal invigorate you. Rediscover old passions and explore new possibilities.

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