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Brookfield Residential Wants You to Choose with Confidence and Live with Style

Posted: March 7, 2018 at 11:26 am by: NewHomesGuide

Built for This Moment

Choose with confidence. Live with style. That’s the simple promise you get from one of the region’s top homebuilders, Brookfield Residential.

Brookfield Residential understands that the quality, value and style of your new home are only part of the equation. Moreover, they know that those things are meaningless unless homebuyers can be confident about the decision to purchase. That’s why they build homes specifically for the moment that new home shoppers have found the perfect place to call home — a place you just know you want to be yours.

How do they do it? For them, it’s easy. Brookfield has been doing it for more than 60 years to this point, after all. They only build in places where people truly want to live — near shopping, dining, entertainment, schools, work and more — in the Mid-Atlantic region. And then they craft beautiful, practical homes that help buyers get the most out of the areas in which they’re built.

As the “Mid-Atlantic’s Most Innovative Homebuilder,” Brookfield knows that it goes beyond just style and comfort, too. That’s why they fill their homes with the latest innovations that are designed to help make your life easier and more connected.

Want to see that dedication to innovation in action? Be sure to check out their revolutionary Smart Home program.

And when it comes to helping you know that you’ve made the right choice, Brookfield keeps you connected to the entire homebuilding process through its revolutionary “My Brookfield Home” mobile app. It’s just one way that they’re making buying the perfect new home easier and more enjoyable.

Whether you’re looking to buy one of their fully upgraded Move-In-Now Homes or design your ideal to-be-built home, this is the perfect moment to take a closer look at Brookfield Residential. So be sure to check them out on our website and within the pages of our latest issue to learn more — we think you’ll be even more confident (and excited) about what you see when you do.

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