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Matching Floor Plans to Your Lifestyle

One of the first things you need to consider when shopping fro a new home is "how do you want to live."  Before deciding on a new home design, there are numerous things to think about but first ask yourself some lifestyle questions: Do you want one-level living? Do you plan to entertain? Do you work from home?  Do you want an Owner's Suite on the first floor? Will the outdoor space be an extension of your indoor living area?  The options are endless so it's good idea to take some time to think it through.  Architects and builders do, they know how important it is to design and build homes considering all of your wants and needs.  That's why we think our Best Floorplans supplement will be a big help while you make these important decisions.  It is full of the latest innovations that architects and builders have created. Each floorplan includes an interior and exterior photo along with a description of what makes the plan so appealing.  The plans are searchable by your location and county so you can narrow down the area first. Take a look on page 232. 

In today's lifestyle, integrating your home's floorplan into your outdoor living has become a new focal point so we have consulted with one of our favorite local architects, Evan Stoddard, to create our new feature The Great Outdoors found on page 28.

At New Homes Guide we are constantly looking for the newest and most popular trends in the new home market to make sure tht we are the go-to resource for buyers like you.  We believe experience counts in this complicated process but are always looking for new ways to improve.  Do you have a question or comment? We would love to hear from you!

Cindy Nairn, Publisher
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