Moving to a New Area? The Relo Guide Can Help Put Your Mind at Ease.

Posted: April 14, 2017 at 2:38 pm by: NewHomesGuide

The Relo GuideIt’s perfectly normal to feel nervous or excited — or both — about moving to a completely new area. Fortunately, New Homes Guide is here to put your mind at ease by helping you learn more about the place you’ll soon be calling home.

Inside the pages of The Relo Guide, a free supplement we offer in addition to our magazine, you’ll find everything you need to know about all of the most sought-after areas surrounding our nation’s capital.

Everything from schools, day care services, utility companies, moving services, recreational activities, entertainment venues, shopping and dining locations, and much more is covered to help you get acquainted with where you want to live — making you more confident about your move as a whole.

The Relo Guide also includes profiles for dozens of the area’s top homebuilders and planned communities to help you choose the perfect neighborhood to call home. And if you’re ready to move sooner rather than later, you’ll also find hundreds of listings for Move-In-Now Homes that are already built and ready for you to make your own right now.

Moving to a new home is always an exciting time, and we’re here to help make your transition to a new area easier and more enjoyable every step of the way. So don’t forget to order your free copy of The Relo Guide today.

Move-In-Now Homes: All the Benefits of Buying New, Without the Wait

Posted: August 12, 2016 at 11:30 am by: NewHomesGuide

New Homes Guide

A brand new home, with all the features, options and upgrades you’ve ever wanted, without having to wait for it to be built — it’s all possible with a Move-In-Now home from one of the area’s finest homebuilders.

Although many home shoppers look for homes in the spring and early summer months, homebuilders are continuing to offer some of the best values in the housing market, so it’s easy to find incredible incentives and fantastic built-in features in Move-In-Now homes right now.

If you’re looking for the speed of settling on a resale with all of the upgrades and features of a new home, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for among the numerous Move-In-Now opportunities in new home communities in our region. And they’re so easy to find when you start your search with New Homes Guide.

For homebuyers, it’s the best of both worlds. You get all the benefits of owning a brand new home, such as a stylish design, a contemporary floorplan and a great community to call home, and you don’t have to wait for construction, so you can move much sooner.

Ready to discover the perfect Move-In-Now home? Here’s how you find it:

1. Visit

2. Enter your desired location in the search bar. Filter results by home type, price range and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you’re looking for.

3. Check the “Yes” box beneath “Move-In-Now” and click “Find Homes”


4. On the next page, select a community that interests you

5. Scroll down to “Move In Now” and find the perfect new home that’s waiting for you right now

There are so many great homes and communities to choose from on And if you get started now, you’ll have plenty of time to find the one that suits you and be settled into your dream home in no time. And don’t forget, you can find even more Move-In-Now opportunities in the latest issue of New Homes Guide.



Express Your Style and Accentuate the Beauty of Your Home This Holiday Season

Posted: December 3, 2015 at 11:17 am by: NewHomesGuide

‘Tis the season for holiday decorating, and we’ve got some great ideas to emphasize the natural beauty of your house and set a festive mood both inside and outside your home.


Holiday Decorating Begins at the Front Door

The front door is the first thing people will notice when they visit your home this holiday season. Start spreading holiday cheer right away, so guests will feel festive as soon as they reach your home. Go beyond the standard green wreath or garland and make bold choices that really express your style.

Set the Mood with the Perfect Holiday Party Decor

All great holiday parties include decor that represents the host’s style and brings out the beauty of the home. Whether you opt for handmade decorations or adorn your home with bold accents for an unforgettable get-together, these ideas will get you started.

Bring the Outdoors Inside for Natural, Inspired Holiday Decorating

Whether you are thinking of wreaths, garlands, flower arrangements or centerpieces, natural-styled winter accents are a hot trend in holiday decorating. Showcase every beautiful inch of your home’s interior with elegant holiday touches inspired by nature.

If you’re still looking for the perfect place to call home, our latest issue of New Homes Guide might have exactly what you’re looking for. Reserve your FREE copy today, and don’t forget to get more interior design inspiration by adding our free Interiors supplement to your order. Happy holidays!


Collect Your Free Gift Card Just for Shopping with New Homes Guide

Posted: October 23, 2015 at 11:00 am by: NewHomesGuide

23OctIt doesn’t cost a dime to use New Homes Guide, but it can pay off in so many ways.

When you join our New Homes Guide Rewards program, you’ll get a free $200 gift card once you’ve purchased your new home. And you can get a free $50 gift card just for shopping at any four new home communities.

Redeeming your rewards is a simple process. You’ll choose a gift card from among two dozen of the region’s most popular restaurants, home stores and retail outlets. It’s a small token of our appreciation for using New Homes Guide to assist in your search.

We take care of our Realtor friends, too. If you’re using an agent, remind them that they can get their own $50 gift card for bringing clients to visit four new home communities.

We’re glad you’ve chosen to include New Homes Guide in your search process. Make the most of it. Sign up today and start collecting your New Homes Guide Rewards!

Move-In-Now Homes Give You the Benefits of New, Without the Wait

Posted: October 9, 2015 at 11:00 am by: NewHomesGuide

Summer is over and cooler weather is coming, but if you’re a savvy home shopper, the good news is that the new homes market is just heating up.


If you want to find the best deals, consider the many Move-In-Now opportunities in new home communities in Northern Virginia, Maryland, D.C., Pennsylvania and West Virginia. They’re so easy to find when you start your search with

Many home shoppers tend to hibernate during the cooler months, but homebuilders still want to finish the year strong. So it’s common to find great prices, great incentives and great features in already built Move-In-Now Homes.

For buyers, it’s the best of both worlds. You get all the benefits of buying a new home—the latest styles, the most modern floorplans and brand new everything—and you can make your move faster because you don’t have to wait for construction.

So those are the perks. Here’s how you find the hidden gems:

1. Start at

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 12.53.05 PM

2. Enter your desired location in the search bar. Select home type, price range and number of beds and baths

3. Click the “Yes” box beneath “Move-In-Now and click “Find Homes”

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 1.18.52 PM

4. On the next page, click on a community that interests you

5. Scroll down to “Models and Floorplans” and select the “Immediate Delivery Homes” tab

6. Find the new home that’s waiting for you.

There’s a great selection to choose from. And if you get started now, you’ll have plenty of time to shop around, visit your favorites, choose the one and be settled into your dream home before the holidays are here.


Plan Your Move to a Planned Community with Our New FREE Supplement

Posted: September 11, 2015 at 11:00 am by: NewHomesGuide

11SepYou’ve heard of “all-inclusive resorts.” Now think “all-inclusive new homes.” That’s the lifestyle you can expect with a planned community.

When builders and developers team up to create an entire neighborhood, or even a small town, buyers win. On top of the flexibility you get in home styles and prices, planned communities often feature incredible amenities to go along with your beautiful new home, including sports courts and fields, nature trails, pools, green space, clubhouses and more.

If you’re interested in finding the perfect new home in a place like this, The Planned Community Lifestyle, a supplement to New Homes Guide, will help get you there.

Available both in print and online formats, this supplement features up-to-date information about the features, benefits, pricing and amenities that come with living in a planned community. You’ll be able to see the best planned communities in the area, and you’ll be able to dig deeper into the details of the communities that interest you.

Stay connected with New Homes Guide by ordering your free subscription today! Plus, add on supplements such as The Planned Community Lifestyle and The Relo Guide to make your home search even easier.

Military Homebuyers and Understanding the VA Loan

Posted: August 28, 2015 at 11:00 am by: NewHomesGuide

The Washington, D.C. metro area is home to many active-duty military personnel and veterans from all service branches. As an expert in the Mid-Atlantic region’s new homes market, we know that the needs of military families are unique and constantly evolving; however, just because military families may be on the move regularly, it does not mean that homeownership is out of the question. In fact, there are many benefits to homeownership as a military service member and some of the best loans are reserved for those who serve or have served our country.


What is a VA Loan?
A VA loan is a unique type of home loan that is guaranteed by the Department of Veterans Affairs. The program was created to offer special long-term financing to eligible veterans. The program carries many benefits, including:

  • Allows veterans to qualify for loans that exceed traditional conforming loans
  • No down payment required on home purchases
  • Choose either fixed-rate or adjustable-rate mortgage
  • Lower closing costs
  • No monthly mortgage insurance payment required

To find out if you are eligible for a VA loan, check with the Department of Veterans Affairs.


Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) & Military Tax Benefits
Active members of the military assigned to duty in the United States but not living in government housing may be eligible for the Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH), an entitlement that compensates members for the cost of housing. BAH funds are paid monthly and are not taxable.

Factors that determine amount of BAH:

  • Rank or pay grade
  • Location in the United States
  • Whether or not you have dependents

Factors that do not affect amount of BAH:

  • Amount of rent paid
  • Number of dependents

The Defense Travel Office has a handy tool for estimating your BAH.

Once you become a homeowner, you may be able to deduct 100% of your mortgage interest. Check to learn how.


Active-Duty Members
Active members of the military who face an imminent Permanent Change of Station (PCS) stand to benefit from a number of measures designed to ease the cost of their move, including:

  • Reimbursement of lodging and meal expenses
  • Transportation allowance
  • Free transport of your belongings, with the weight allowance determined by pay grade
  • Permission to travel to your new area to search for a home

Visit Military OneSource to find more information on benefits for active-duty members on the move.


Why Everyone Should Evaluate Schools Before Choosing a New Home

Posted: July 30, 2015 at 11:30 am by: NewHomesGuide

You might be looking for a new home in a better school district. Or it might not be an issue for your family.

Either way, schools should play a big part in any homebuying decision. These days, parents and children aren’t the only ones who may feel the lasting effects of a school’s reputation. Your home’s value may feel it, too.

Before making a major investment in a new home, take a look at these great resources available to help home shoppers with or without children.

On and, you can search and compare school ratings, stats and much more. Even if school districts are not important to you right now, they may be important later or be a critical factor for the family that moves in after you.

For those of you who rely heavily on a school’s reputation when it comes down to a home buying decision, Project Appleseed has good advice on how to evaluate and choose a school based on child, family and school characteristics. The website can help you find information on individual schools and gives recommendations from the National Association of Elementary School Principals.

Here are NAESP’s questions to ask when choosing a school:

  • Have you read the school district’s annual report?
  • What is the school’s discipline policy?
  • What services are available at the school?
  • What is the school’s safety policy?
  • Is there an active parent organization?

When searching for your new home, be sure to ask homebuilders and your Realtor for information on the reputation of schools in and around your areas of interest. Both can be great resources when making a home purchasing decision.



Find a New Home and Make a Quick Move in Virginia

Posted: March 12, 2015 at 8:16 am by: NewHomesGuide

Looking for all the benefits of a new home, but the timely convenience of a resale home?

You’re looking for a new Move-In-Now Home and spring may just be the best time to find it in all the best parts of Virginia.

With the first hint of warm weather, homebuilders start offering great prices and great incentives on new quick delivery homes. Many even hold special sales events to mark the occasion. From Northern Virginia to Richmond and beyond, can help you find the best new Move-In-Now Homes on the market.

Get a head start here and beat the spring crowds.


Choose a Move-In-Now Home and Set Yourself Up for Summer

Posted: March 6, 2015 at 12:10 pm by: NewHomesGuide

Buying a brand new home doesn’t have to be a long, drawn-out process.

In fact, you can be enjoying all the perks of a newly built home in time to enjoy the beautiful weather this spring and summer. All across the region, homebuilders are offering great prices on Move-In-Now Homes. They’re the perfect choice when you want all the benefits of a new home, but don’t want to wait for construction.

Builders fill these homes with some of the most in-demand options and upgrades. And if you catch it at just the right time, you might even be able to choose the finishes yourself.

Ready to find the best Move-In-Now Homes? Here’s how:

1.  Start at


2. Enter your desired location in the search bar. Select home type, price range and number of beds and baths.

3. Click the “Yes” box beneath “Move-In-Now and click “Find Homes”.


4. On the next page, click on a community that interests you.

5. Scroll down to “Models and Floorplans” and select the “Immediate Delivery Homes” tab.

6. Find the new home that’s waiting for you. You’re going to love it.


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